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SEC Conference News 

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October 24th Board of Directors Meeting Summary 

•The Board reviewed a preliminary budget for 2010 which reflects a continued 
commitment to maintain program and staffing at current levels. 

•Cameron Trimble reported on the development of a Center for Progressive Renewal 
to be located in the Conference offices in which the Southeast Conference is a partner. 
•Chris Waldron was called by the Board to serve as the new church developer for 
Praxis UCC, a new church start in Atlanta. 

•The Board reviewed the plans for a rebuilding of the conference web site to be 
completed by December 31st, and continued development of the Leaders' Link as a 
primary communication tool. 

•Kathy Clark reported on the continued expansion of the TAP program, as well as a 
transition in her work to equip people for ministry more broadly understood than simply 
the TAP program. She also reported on progress in bringing TAP more fully on line. 
•Tim reported on the upcoming changes in staff and job descriptions as well as other 
developments in information technologies for the Conference. 
•We continue to cultivate churches seeking affiliation in the Atlanta area and Alabama 

Organization of the Southeast Conference History Project 

Annual Report of Christian Hospital Mungeli 2008-2009 

Dr. Anil Henry is a missionary partner with the Southeast Conference, UCC. We 
are pleased to present his update report. 

CLICK HERE to read the entire report. 

Out-patient Services: The numbers in the outpatient just keep on going. I think 
it has to do with the fact that we are in India where the Population is also 
growing each day. But also there may be other factors involved. 
Our wild life in the OPD region has increased as from the already added 
aquariums that were fascinating for the village children; we now have a large 
aviary that the Atlanta group inaugurated this winter. There are about 60 birds in 
it and it is right in-front of the Operation theatre and a great joy for everyone to 
see. There is also a second water fall that is designed and full of colourful fish, 
nothing close to waht people of this have experienced. 

Our skill with the gastroscope has surely increased as we are now performing 
more scelrotherapies for bleeding and elective varices. The scope has also been 
of great use in working with cases of tracheal stenosis and even pulling out a 
foreign body. We hope that we can get a bronchoscope to do that sometime 
which will make the task easier. 





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Headlines from the United 
Church of Christ 

Oklahoma City church continues 
legacy of dedicated member 
Stephanie Telleen chose to 
remember Mayflower 
Congregational United Church 
of Christ in her will when she 
passed away leaving her 
half-million dollar estate to the 
church. Now the Oklahoma City 
church will use that estate to 
remember Telleen for her 
selflessness and generosity by 
funding two missions close to 
her heart. 

tNTFR l ORj 


In-Patient Services: We are a 80 bed hospital which has a bed occupancy of 83.2 
percent. It has been a relatively busy year with numbers of inpatients going up. 
It is still interesting to see that the average hospital stay of a patient is 7.27 
days. This is because of two reasons: 1. Patients come from villages which are 
difficult to reach and so they want all the work done and sutures removed before 
they leave. 2. The cost for staying in hospital is relatively much cheaper than 
any other setting in a city or the western world. 

We are ever so thankful to move into one of the new renovated wards and next 
we inaugurated the new surgical ICU/Recovery room, Delivery Room and 
Casualty. We now have a total of 16 ICU beds, 8 in the medical ICU, 7 in the 
surgical ICU and a isolation bed/treatment room which we have already been 

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4/4/14,2:42 PM 

SEC Conference News 

http://secucc .org/news-archives/1 1 1 -sec-conference-news 

able to use and save a very sick tetanus patient. 

We also realized that the ICU facilities are highly used and so the moment we 
had the surgical ICU built, we immediately renovated the medical ICU which had 
been heavily overused for the past four years. All these areas are now 
air-conditioned and with the help of monitors for each bed, ventilators and also a 
syringe pump we feel that we are getting closer to managing the more difficult 
patients. One patient of course, was Mom who was in the ICU for about two 

We also have a new nursery which has eight beds and this too is a great service 
as there is nothing like it anywhere around. 

We are now almost finished with redoing and renovating the ground floor of the 
ward. This was the only space that was accessible to me when I joined here six 
years ago. After this, we will be working on the first floor with new flooring and 
tiles on the wall to make things look good and clean. 

CLICK HERE to read the entire report. 

Georgia-South Carolina Association In Care Committee Meets October 31 
The Georgia-South Carolina In Care Committee met October 31st and in addition 
to hearing updates from each of the students in care, acted to recommend the 
renewal of the in care status of the following people: Charmaine Johnson, 
Victory Church, Stone Mountain, Leslie Raymer, Virginia-Highland Church, 
Atlanta, John and Rebecca Shillingburg, Church of the Savior, Roswell, Michelle 
Calderon, Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta, Ronnie Galvin and Terri 
Lawrence of First Congregational UCC, Atlanta, Carolyn Hayford, and Elizabeth 
Lorick of Circular Congregational UCC, Charleston, and Karen Mann and David 
Sigmund of Kirkwood UCC, Atlanta. 

Further, they are recommending that student in care status be limited to no more 
than five years until a person appears before an ecclesiastical council, and that if 
they are found to be ordainable pending a call, they can continue for up to three 
more years. After that they would need to request a renewal of their status. 

East Alabama-West Georgia Association Holds Annual Meeting October 10th 
The East Alabama-West Georgia Association held its Annual Meeting October 
10th at Oak Grove Congregational Christian Church in Pine Mountain, GA. 
Associate Conference Minister Kathy Clark introduced the new direction to 
authorizing ministry in the United Church of Christ, Multiple Paths to Ministry. 
The associate renewed the licenses for ministry of Rip Hardman, Hugh Hogan 
and Jim Johnson. Don Harmon, of Lanett Congregational Christian Church 
continues as moderator and treasurer of the association, Betty Moon of Sandy 
Creek UCC, as secretary. Committee chairs remained unchanged. 

Posted on November 23, 2009 

Michael Stroud of United Church UCC, Huntsville is currently doing extensive research 
into the history of the Southeast Conference in preparation for writing a history of the 
Conference to be published in time for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 
Conference in 2016. He has asked the Board of Directors to organize a History Project 
Task Force of people who have an interest in the history of the UCC and its 
predecessor bodies in the South. Please contact Tim Downs at if 
you would like to be considered for nomination to the Task Force. 

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